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Credits and legal notices

by Administrateur - 4 March 2014 ( maj : 21 February 2017 )

Photo credits
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By default: © Kit web SOspip
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By default: © Kit web SOspip


This is the official website of Kit web SOspip.
Adress Kit web SOspip : Domaine universitaire, bâtiment OSUG-D
122 rue de la piscine - 38 400 Saint Martin d’Hères

Publisher: Michel Dietrich (Direction OSUG)

Editorial director: Marion Papanian (Communication OSUG)

Website design and development of the SOspip kit

Hosting : Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de Grenoble - OSUG (UMS832 : UGA/CNRS/IRD/METEO-FRANCE/IRSTEA)

This website uses a tool developed by the old communication team (Cauchies Natacha, Grangeon Karen, Odin Marie). This tool is maintained and improved by the new support team :

  • Communication department : Marion Papanian and Pierre Jacquet
  • IT department : Eric Drevet

This website uses SPIP (publishing system for the Internet), a free software distributed under the GPL license.

Releases :

  • kit v.1.7 (03/2018) compatible with SPIP 3.2.1
  • kit v.1.6 (02/2018) compatible with SPIP 3.2.0
  • kit v.1.5 (11/2017) compatible with SPIP 3.1.7
  • kit v.1.4 (06/2017) compatible with SPIP 3.1.6
  • kit v.1.3 (03/2017) compatible with SPIP 3.1.4
  • kit v.1.2 (12/2016) compatible with SPIP 3.1.3
  • kit v.1.1 (10/2016) compatible with SPIP 3.0.24
  • kit v.1.0 (03/2014) compatible with SPIP 3.0.17

This version is the result of successive developments using: the CNRS kit (under SPIP 2), the Rebus graphic template, the CSS drop-down menu developed by Eric Meyer, and the color plugin and inlay model by Quentin Tetart (trainee).

Protection of personal data

According to French law n° 78-17 concerning information technology, files and personal liberties, you have the right to access the information as well as to rectify and delete data that concerns you personally on this website.

To do so, contact the site Administrateur.

Conditions of use

Browser Compatibility

For best results in viewing this website, we recommend use of the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox 27.0.1, Google Chrome 33.0, Safari 6.0, Internet Explorer IE11.

Notice of liability

Under no circumstances, shall Kit web SOspip be liable for any damages that may result from or in relation to the use of this website or its contents.

Intellectual Property

The content of this website is protected by intellectual property law. Any total or partial reproduction or representation of this website without the express authorization of Kit web SOspip is forbidden and shall constitute unauthorized reproduction penalized by the Code of intellectual property.


You may display on your website hyperlinks to Kit web SOspip website, provided you do so in a way that does not damage our reputation.
Hyperlinks to other websites imply neither responsibility for, nor approval of, the information contained in those websites on the part of Kit web SOspip.

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